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Schlage Key Systems

Schlage key systems deliver the right level of security everywhere you need it. Schlage offers innovative and high quality key system solutions for new systems or upgrades to existing systems that will match your desired level of security and convenience. Schlage offers a variety of cylinders, keys and key control to fit, form, and function within your facility as well as patented or traditional keyways to meet your security needs. Allowing you the opportunity to decide what exclusivity and restrictions your key system has so you always remain in control.


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Conventional (Standard) Cylinders.
Schlage's high quality conventional cylinders provide the standard level of security and functionality for Schlage locks. The exclusive use of solid brass bar stock plugs and shells, phosphor bronze springs, nickel silver keys and bottom pins ensures long life and ease of operation. 6-pin Everest 29 cylinders in S123 keyway with two patented keys are standard for stock. S145 is standard for new master key systems. (Legacy Everest keyways are available upon specification).

Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders.
For use where fast rekeying by non-technical personnel is desired, Schlage Primus XP and conventional interchangeable cores offer a great blend of security and convenience. The special control key for the system is all you need to remove the old core and install a new one. The core itself can be rekeyed with standard Schlage pin kits. Unlike some other brands, Schlage interchangeable cores can always be integrated into existing systems with no adverse effect on the key system. IC locks are especially wellsuited to chain stores and restaurants where frequent employee turnover requires immediate rekeying by store management. Use IC cylinders to save time and energy when changing labor-intensive locks on exit devices and other door hardware.

Primus XP High Security Cylinders.
Primus XP high security cylinders are available to add patented key control and varying degrees of geographical exclusivity to most Schlage 6-pin key systems, whether using Everest 29 or Classic keyways. In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Primus XP cylinders incorporate a patented* finger pin and sidebar design providing a dual-locking cylinder that is highly pick-proof. Resistance to drilling and other physical attack is optional by specifying 20-500 Series UL43 7 Listed cylinders.

*Patented key protection applies to Everest 29 Primus XP and Classic Primus XP only.

Primus XP Lockout Cylinders.
Available in rim and mortise cylinders only, lockout cylinders are designed for doors where it is frequently desirable to disable all keys from operating the lock temporarily. The special lockout key can be removed while the plug is turned to the 11 o'clock position, preventing all normal operating keys, including master keys, from fully entering the cylinder. Suggested applications for lockout cylinders include laboratories, dark rooms, clean rooms, and exterior doors to dormitories. Schlage will not master key lockout cylinders.


What is Everest 29?
The Everest 29 keyway is new, patent-protected undercut design with protection through 2029. It delivers a higher level of security because it cannot be duplicated without authorization. The Everest 29 through-cut technology utilizes a unique process to create the patented Everest 29 undercut design. It is shear-strength tested to perform with the same toughness and reliability the Everest family is known for. Multiple levels of security ensure that you get the right solution throughout your facility or campus.

The new Everest 29 patent enables a key blank that is backwards compatible to legacy Everest keyways allowing Everest 29 keys to work with existing Everest systems aiding the key system migration process. Watch a video, and learn more about Everest 29 and patented key systems. Everest 29 keys work by lifting the check pin when the key is inserted into the cylinder, allowing the key to turn and the lock to open. This patented interaction between the key and the cylinder ensures the integrity of the system at every opening.

New and existing systems.
Schlage will help you design a system that can grow and change along with your needs, allowing you the flexibility to upgrade your security without the need to replace all your cylinders.

The Classic keyway family.
Schlage Classic keyways provide security with no restrictions on duplication. Our Classic keyways can be easily upgraded or mixed with Primus XP for enhanced protection.


Schlage commercial cylinders are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications, from airports, hospitals, universities and offices, to research laboratories, and government and military buildings. Since our cylinders can be used in a wide range of Schlage and competitors locks, you can pair the lock you need with the security level that fits your application.


Restricted Keyways
Special non-stock keyways set aside for limited use and a higher degree of key control. A letter of authorization from the end user is required to process orders for keys, blanks and cylinders.

Open Keyways
Standard keyways available without any ordering formalities. S Family (Everest 29 Conventional) and Obverse C Family (Classic Conventional) keyways are open. All others are restricted.

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