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Home Security Survey

A sensible residential security plan is essential in deterring unwanted and potentially dangerous visitors. Our Free Home Security Survey Checklist emphasizes on existing security measures and provides cost-effective recommendations to remedy any security short-falls that may exist.

If a risk is identified, we can quickly rectify the problem by installing the appropriate security lock hardware. Also, we can recommend a reputable alarm installation company to install a quality alarm system with monitoring options.
Download Checklist Here (PDF)
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Home Security Devices

StrikeMaster II PRO

StrikeMaster II PRO does not require additional locking devices. Its installation adds nearly 5 feet of customized steel strength to your existing door frame. It is powder coated white to match most homeowner's trim colors or you can paint it to match your decor. It's constructed of two parts; both pieces fit together making one unit that goes on the locking side of the frame, this two piece U.S. PATENTED construction eliminates the removal of the door casing trim, saving valuable time.

Designed with standard cuts 5 1/2 inches - 6 inches between dead-bolt and entry lock, StrikeMaster II PRO is 1/8" thick and fits any 1-3/4" door-frame without the need to alter {mortise} the door casing or frame design. You don't have to remove any of trim for installation. This heavy-duty strike plate uses 2.5-inch wood screws to cut deep into the existing door frame stud. Most installations take less than 30 minutes.

Open your front door and look at the dead bolt plate. There is just one inch of soft wood protecting the safety of your home - your door casings can not protect you from a thief kicking your door. How would you go about making an existing doorway more secure? Even with a well constructed home, with a good door, how can you be sure your door is secure? A good, secure entryway is one of your first lines of defense, especially against today's dynamic home invasions. So how DO you go about securing your entryways? You need security doors and security door locks.

A deadbolt lock alone does not secure your door! The most common way used to force entry through a door with a wooden door frame is to simply kick it or shoulder slam it open. The weakest point is almost always the lock strike plate that holds the latch or lock bolt in place. A home security device like deadbolts and steel doors are not the problem. The average door strike plate is secured only by the soft-wood door jamb molding.

These lightweight moldings are often tacked on to the door frame and can be torn away with a firm kick or shoulder slam. Chiseling and removing wood to fit the locks will also result in a much weakened door frame. Installing the StrikeMaster II not only repairs the damage to the door, it makes the door impervious to future kick-ins.

Unless extra reinforcement is taken to strengthen the door frame, a forced entry or kick-in burglary will split open the wooden door frame around the lock. FBI statistics show 70% of all break-ins are from door-frame failure. Because of these construction flaws, it makes sense to upgrade to a heavy-duty, high security strike plate. The photo to the left shows the deadbolt was useless when kicked. Door jamb repair or replacement will not hold unless you strengthen the door casings with the patented StrikeMaster II PRO. Door jamb reinforcement is the key to keeping criminals out of your home.

Not one StrikeMaster II PRO has failed yet. If a homeowner experiences "door frame failure" following the proper installation of the StrikeMaster II PRO, using the the hardware provided and PROPERLY ANCHORED into the 2x4 HOLDING THE DOOR unit, Safe Homes International Inc. will issue a refund for the full purchase price of the StrikeMaster II Pro.

We ask that you provide a BREAK-IN report from your local Police Department and photos of the BREAK-IN. The photos MUST be taken before any repair of frame has taken place. StrikeMaster II PRO offers a cost effective product to individual consumers seeking A SAFER HOME. StrikeMaster II PRO anti-burglary door-frame-strike-plates have been sold to thousands of homeowners all across the country.

Home Invasion Shield

The Door Frame Protector installs directly on the door frame (or door jamb), reinforcing the softwood frame with commercial-quality, 14-gauge steel. By strengthening the door frame, which is usually the most vulnerable part of the door, you can instantly increase the physical security of your doors and help prevent kick-in attacks. Measuring 59 inches long by 2 inches wide, the Door Frame Protector is also ideal to repair door frames that have been damaged by a prior kick-in attack. For more secure doors, use with the Door Edge Protector and Door Hinge Protectors. [Includes (13) 3-inch long screws]
The Door Frame Protector is ideal for:
  • Residential and commercial door frames.
  • Strengthening the wood door frame only.
  • Repairing door frames damaged by break-ins.
  • Use with our Door Edge Protector and Door Hinge Protectors for maximum protection.


My door is made of metal or solid wood, do I still need your products?
The more reinforcements you have, the better your security. Even with a strong door, you are not fully protected. Additionally, a strong door does not protect against the door jamb splitting during a kick-in attack.

What finishes are your products available in?
We offer finishes that blend in well with most homes. Most of our products come in the following four finishes: white, brown, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel. When selecting the right finish for your door, most people choose to either match the color of their door or the finish of the hardware on their door. If we do not carry the color that you need, all of our products may be painted. Other colors may be custom ordered for an additional cost. Please contact us for price and turnaround time.

How do I paint your products to match my door and/or door frame?
We recommend first roughing up the surface with sandpaper to give the paint better adhesion. Next, apply a primer; allow the primer to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours. Then, choose either an oil-based or latex paint in a color that matches your door and/or frame and paint two coats on the product, letting the paint dry between coats.

What tools do I need to install your products?
All of our products can be installed with a power drill and screwdriver. If the channel products (Door Edge Protector or Door Hinge Protector) are tight on the door, a rubber mallet or even a block of wood will help position it correctly on the door. All the necessary screws and bolts are supplied.

Do I need to remove my door or door frame to install any of your products?
No, each of our products was designed to be installed simply and easily without sacrificing its effectiveness. Therefore, neither the door nor the door frame needs to be removed. The Door Frame Protector fits right on top of the existing wood door frame. And the Door Edge Protector slides onto the locking edge of the door. For the Door Hinge Protectors, one side of the door hinges need to be temporarily unscrewed, but you are instructed to do them one at a time, thereby avoiding the need to remove the entire hinge or the door. (Exterior doors are hung with three hinges, so even when you remove one side of one hinge, the other two hinges continue to hold the door in place.)

What type of warranty do you offer for your products?
We warrant our products for a period of three years from the date of original purchase. If, during this period of time, your home is burglarized due to direct failure of our product, we will either (1) reimburse you for your insurance policy deductible paid in relation to the burglary, up to $250, (2) replace damaged product(s), or (3) reimburse you for the amount paid for the product(s), less shipping and handling. Click here to see warranty details.

Shield Window Barriers

Security Shield Window Barriers offers "protection you can see thru" that continues in the Exeter product tradition of providing industry leading window protection with superior physical deterrent properties, while allowing for customer comfort and maintaining the architectural aesthetic of the protected building. Security Shield Window Barriers are available as fixed units or operable units in a wide range of security levels.

With super transparent InvisiPerf I and extra strong InvisiPerf II perforated barrier components, Security Shield barriers provide substantial physical protection from vandalism, airborne debris, and unauthorized intrusion yet remain inconspicuous as not to raise awareness or concern. Security Shield Window Barriers have been engineered for threat levels up through maximum security (HUD/SMA), and have exceeded testing requirements set forth by ANSI/SMA 6001 for impact, forced entry, and sag.

In addition to the standard industry testing, Security Shield Window Barriers (levels 3 thru 6) exceed impact, static, and cyclical tests as set forth by the Dade County Building Code Compliance Protocols TAS-201, 202, and 203 and conform to Sections 2315 and 2314.5 of the South Florida Building Code.

Note: If requested, Security Shield Window Barriers can be fabricated with [12 x 12 mesh 0.028 diameter or 10 x10 mesh 0.047 diameter] stainless steel wire cloth infill.

Visual Comfort and Appearance
With 51% to 63% open area in the Security Shield black barrier membrane (perforated with an InvisiPerf pattern), the barrier seems to visually disappear to a building occupant and presents a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the outside world.

From a short distance away on the outside, the Security Shield Window Barrier membrane gives a clear window the appearance of being glazed with tinted glass.

With custom designed and finished framing systems, fabricated to fit each opening, Security Shield Window Barriers are an aesthetically pleasing security option for any structure. We are pleased that Exeter's window barriers have been installed on some of America's most prominent buildings, many of which are on the National Historic Register.

Emergency Egress
Where life-safety or local fire codes designate the need for egress through window openings, hinged Security Shield Window Barriers are equipped with state-of-the-art panic release mechanisms (SEO's) to provide easy egress in an emergency situation.

Environmental Advantages
Independent laboratory testing of Exeter's Security Shield Window Barriers with perforated steel panel infill determined the Shading Coefficient of the installations to be 0.51, affording an almost 50% reduction in solar heat gain through the protected openings, and thereby promoting a significant energy savings for customers.

In addition, the perforated metal deflects much of the sun's damaging ultra violet rays, offering a level of sun control that is normally only found on commercially installed sun screens.

EMI/RFI Shielding
Due to the use of high quality perforated metal, the same material used in microwave oven doors and other electronic enclosures, Security Shield Window Barriers offer a proven method for shielding Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI). A major benefit of this inherent feature is preventing the passage of unwanted electronic waves and radio waves commonly used by hi-tech eavesdropping systems.

Bomb Blast Protection
Although Security Shield Window Barriers were originally intended to provide perimeter security through application on the exterior of a building's window system, government agencies and first responders recognize the life saving and property saving value of 24/7 protection from flying glass and debris when mounted to the interior of a structure during detonation of a bomb outside. The unique see-thru perforated metal design offers building occupants the freedom of mind to go about life as usual.

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