Commercial Locksmith Services


Are you locked out of your business?

The job description for a locksmith depends on one question: What was locked when the last person went through the locked door? The door could have been simply pulled shut, or properly locked by turning the key in one or several deadlocks In this situation, no self-help proposal will work, the locksmith will have to pick or drill the deadlocks on that door open. If he drills them open, they may have to be replaced.

You need not to worry. An experienced locksmith will arrive within 35 to 45 minutes to get you back in your car as soon as possible!. Our state of the art computerized phone system enables our representatives to pass your request on to the technician closest to you. We provide Lockout Service around the clock for your car, home or business, we will always have the right solution for you, every time.

Our 24 hour Lockout Service - Emergency Lockout Service provides the most comprehensive security services for all house, car and business locksmith needs in your area. Our 24 hour Lockout services include house lockout & auto lockout service. We give you a firm quote on what you expect to pay before we come out to your residence or business.

Emergency Locksmith Services:

 Locked out
 Lost keys
 Damaged or faulty locks
 Burglary repairs
 Lock repair/lock upgrades
 Safe openings

Commercial Hardware Installation

Push-Button Lock Installations

Our locksmiths we sell and install a full range of keyless lock hardware, high-security deadbolts, architectural ironmongery, access control products. Our theme of Wireless & Keyless is reflected throughout our product range of Top-Brand names in the Keyless Lock industry. Solve your access and operating problems and minimize your installation and maintenance costs without having to compromise on quality.

With keyless entry locks you don't need to worry if you lost your keys because you don't need any. With these locks you getting access by keying a code, using a proximity card or fob or just use your finger print. Keyless entry locks are being used for both residential and commercial applications for different purposes and level of securities, some choose to install an electronic pushbutton lock at their home just for the convenience of not carrying keys, while other might use biometric lock at their place of business to enhance security.

There are many options in the market for Keyless entry locks. Our trained technicians can help you decide which one is the best for your needs and comply with your security requirements.

Panic Bars Repaired-Installed

Our locksmiths sell, install, and service all types of Panic Bars.

Panic Bars, are a latch mechanism which releases by depressing a cross bar or panel extending across the width of the door sometimes called a panic exit hardware or fire exit bolt.

Types of Exit Devices we install and service:

Rim Mounted Panic Bars - Mortise Panic Bars
Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bars
Surface Vertical Rod Panic Bars

Some Features of Panic Bars:

Panic Bars could be installed in almost every door: wood doors, hollow steel doors and narrow stile glass doors These days you have multiple finishes to choose from so you have the flexibility to match the finish of your door.

Some of the finishes that available: Bright Brass, Satin Brass, Bright Bronze, Satin Bronze, Oil Rub Bronze, Bright Stainless, Satin Stainless and more.

Some Panic Bars have the option of instantaneous unlocking and locking of the exit device from a remote location or access control device. Because electrical operation of device is fail secure this option can be used on fire-rated bars as well as life safety bars. In the event of a power failure device automatically relocks.

Some manufacturers provide Panic Bars, whether rim, mortise, concealed or surface rod type to be specified with a loud alarm to notify management of unauthorized exit. The life safety characteristics of the exit device are not altered. Control of the alarm is by use of key to arm, disarm, delay or reset the alarm.

Dummy Push bar is a push bar with no operating mechanism for doors not requiring exit devices but where matching appearance is desired.

Exit Devices Repaired-Installed

Our locksmiths sell, install, and service all types of Exit Devices.

Exit Devices or Panic Bars are door mounted security and safety devices which will allow free egress at all times while still maintaining control of ingress.

Exit Devices can be used in applications where users are familiar with their route and means of escape in an emergency. Devices are operated by either a lever or paddle handle allowing immediate escape when pressure is applied.

Real Estate Related Locksmith Services

Real estate agents cope with a wide range of issues on a daily basis, so having a reliable, professional can make life a little easier. Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents need keys made, properties opened, and after the sale, it's a good idea to have the locks rekeyed.

Our company has a reliable reputation with real estate agents when it comes to Short Sales, Cash for Keys, Repossessions, and other related REO situations. We also work with Banks, and Investors all across Georgia to provide them with rekey and lock installion services.

Having immediate access to a professional locksmith to schedule appointments for rekeying newly available properties has never been easier. In the case of foreclosures and the number of homes on the market, it is important to limit the access to these homes immediately to avoid unwanted damage by previous residents or others.

Locksmiths from Atlanta offers a quick and easy solution by easily and efficiently providing a secure envirnoment, once the property closes. We offer very discount and upfront pricing, and we guarantee 100% of our labor. Our quality locksmith technicians will arrive with a smile, ready to work, and providing quality and peace of mind.

Locksmiths from Atlanta is also kept up to date on Georgia, County building codes, and its technicians will communicate on site if anything is needed to ensure that a property is in compliance. As a special closing gift to new residents, you can easily schedule an appointment with Locksmiths from Atlanta for the very time that you plan to meet the new owners and hand over the keys to their new home.

We will make sure that we remove & replace your lock with the least amount of damage to your door or window.

Call us today and we can answer all your questions about your lock, and advise you on whether it should de repaired, or replaced, or whether you need other security solutions for your home.

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