Interchangeable Core Services


Establishing realistic goals is the first step for any organization that is considering the installation of an access control system. In establishing these goals, do I want highly controlled access or do I prefer convenient access?

When keys are lost, interchangeable cores makes it possible to change lock combinations with minimal effort and cost. You simply remove the core with your system's control key, insert a new core, issue new keys and update your records.

Our service includes rekeying your existing interchangeable cores to a new key, key IC Cores to an existing system, and selling new or used core cylinders. Whatever your case may be, our professional locksmith technicians can handle small or large rekey jobs. We can create you a customized keying chart, generated through our specialized computer software. Once we created your keying system, just email us a copy of a signed order form, and we can mail them out to you.

It's always good practice to have spare sets of cores already keyed, that way you can swap them out yourself, and mail us the one's you need rekeyed. Or we can rekey ones ahead of time, and once you receive them, you can swap out the old ones and mail them back to us. That way you have no down time, and your building security isn't on hold because someone has an old key.

Please email or call us for additional information on this service when deciding on purchasing new IC Cores, or have your existing ones rekeyed or master keyed.

Download, fill out, and email: Interchangeable Core Request Form

Best Interchangeable Cores

In order for your maintenance or security personnel to make changes in the system, the same equipment that we use in our factory is available to you. With our self-service equipment, a member of your security staff becomes your locking security manager.

When it becomes necessary to make quick changes in your key access plan, you'll not only save the cost of outside service and time, but security worries will also be greatly reduced. With BEST's self-service package, you have the capability of combinating or recombinating cores and cutting new keys quickly and economically without compromising security.

The key combinator is especially unique because it eliminates the need for pattern keys. Keys are cut from registered codes which are dialed on the combinator. They are not duplicated from pattern keys - every Best key is an original.

Killeen Security Products - Interchangeable Cores

Killeen Security Products (KSP), manufacturer of Small Format Interchangeable Cores, Mortise and Rim Housings, is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, and has been in New England since 1983. After more than 30 years of continuous service, KSP has built a strong reputation in the security industry. We are very proud to say that all of our products are made in the USA, but they can be found in effective operation all over the world.

KSP manufactures over 15 different keyways for the Small Format Interchangeable Core products that are interchangeable with Best, Arrow and Falcon. We have key blanks available for every keyway we supply. KSP manufactures Mortise housings that have both the staked-on and screw-on cams available. Recently, we have added a Large Format Housing to KSP's line that accepts the "Schlage" large format cores.

We supply locksmith tools such as capping blocks, housing wrenches and staking tools. KSP can assist your company in setting up keying systems that will provide the utmost security for your business. We can implement systems for all levels: from something as simple as keying alike to a Control Key to something as complex as a Great Great Grand Master Key system. We can combine cores to fit all of your needs, as well as maintain the relevant records.

Medeco Large Format Interchangeable Core

Medeco Large Format Interchangeable Core cylinders are designed so that cores can quickly and easily be changed by non-technical personnel by using a special control key.

The Medeco Large Format Interchangeable Core cylinders are available in a variety of different sizes, formats and security levels. Cores are available to fit into rim and mortise cylinders, key-in-knob locks, padlocks and bored auxiliary deadlatches and deadbolts.

Best Cormax IC Core System


BEST CORMAX is the premier patented keying system offered by Stanley Security Solutions. CORMAX will meet your needs for security, key control, and convenience. A simple solution with no compromising allowed.

CORMAX is the upgrade path for existing BEST Standard, Premium, and MX8 customers; and it is an essential element of non-residential access control as security administrators strive to eliminate the unauthorized duplication of keys.

Schlage Everest Core System

Introducing Everest 29

The Everest 29 keyway is new, patent-protected undercut design with protection through 2029. It delivers a higher level of security because it cannot be duplicated without authorization. The Everest 29TM through-cut technology utilizes a unique process to create the patented Everest 29 undercut design. It is shear-strength tested to perform with the same toughness and reliability the Everest family is known for. Multiple levels of security ensure that you get the right solution throughout your facility or campus.

Everest 29 keys work by lifting the check pin when the key is inserted into the cylinder, allowing the key to turn and the lock to open. This patented interaction between the key and the cylinder ensures the integrity of the system at every opening.

New and existing systems.

The new Everest 29 patent enables a key blank that is backwards compatible to legacy Everest keyways allowing Everest 29 keys to work with existing Everest systems aiding the key system migration process. Schlage will help you design a system that can grow and change along with your needs, allowing you the flexibility to upgrade your security without the need to replace all your cylinders.

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