Property Eviction-Repossession Rekey Services

Property Eviction-Repossession Rekey Services

We work with homeowners, property management companies, local city and county authorities to assist in Residential and Commercial Evictions, Cash for Keys, and Repossessions. We will co-ordinate with the real estate on the location of the property, and schedule a day and time to meet with the agent, the local Sheriff's Deputies, and Clean-Up Crews.

Once the Sheriff conducts a visual inspection of the property, and knocks on the front door to alert anyone who may be still inside the property. If no one is home, the Sheriff will instruct us to open up the front door by picking the lock, or by drilling out the cylinder. Once the door is open, and the Sheriff has established safe passage, our company will inspect all door openings, and windows for damage, and missing hardware. If necessary, we will make repairs and/or replace damaged or missing hardware, and finally rekey all the locks to a new key.

We will take "Before and After" photos of all locks with an operational key in place, and install a lockbox on the front door.

Services for Stolen Keys

If you fall victim to a stolen pocket book or purse, with the loss of your valuables, along with the loss your house and car keys, this can be a very traumatic experience. On top of all that, you have to worry about someone having a key to your house and vehicle. Rest assure, by contracting us, we can rekey, or replace your existing locks on your automobile!

Yes, we can restore a peace of mind by giving you a firm quote on replacing your old keys with a new one. By taking this approach, we assure you the original key won't work. Our service technicians can perform these locksmith services at your home or business, and usually takes several hours.

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