Real Estate Locksmith Rekey Services


Real estate agents cope with a wide range of issues on a daily basis, so having a reliable, professional can make life a little easier. Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents need keys made, properties opened, and after the sale.

Our company has a reliable reputation with real estate agents when it comes to Short Sales, Cash for Keys, Repossessions, and other related REO situations. We also work with Banks, and Investors all across Georgia to provide them with rekey and lock installion services.

Real Estate Rekey Services

Having immediate access to a professional locksmith to schedule appointments for rekeying newly available properties has never been easier. In the case of foreclosures and the number of homes on the market, it is important to limit the access to these homes immediately to avoid unwanted damage by previous residents or others.

Locksmiths from Atlanta offers a quick and easy solution by easily and efficiently providing a secure envirnoment, once the property closes. We offer very discount and upfront pricing, and we guarantee 100% of our labor. Our quality locksmith technicians will arrive with a smile, ready to work, and providing quality and peace of mind.

Locksmiths from Atlanta is also kept up to date on Georgia, County building codes, and its technicians will communicate on site if anything is needed to ensure that a property is in compliance. As a special closing gift to new residents, you can easily schedule an appointment with Locksmiths from Atlanta for the very time that you plan to meet the new owners and hand over the keys to their new home.

We will make sure that we remove & replace your lock with the least amount of damage to your door or window. Call us today and we can answer all your questions about your lock, and advise you on whether it should de repaired, or replaced, or whether you need other security solutions for your home.

Services for Stolen Keys

If you fall victim to a stolen pocket book or purse, with the loss of your valuables, along with the loss your house and car keys, this can be a very traumatic experience. On top of all that, you have to worry about someone having a key to your house and vehicle. Rest assure, by contracting us, we can rekey, or replace your existing locks on your automobile!

Yes, we can restore a peace of mind by giving you a firm quote on replacing your old keys with a new one. By taking this approach, we assure you the original key won't work. Our service technicians can perform these locksmith services at your home or business, and usually takes several hours.

Aiello's Locksmiths of Atlanta (404) 456-3817 Offers Real Estate Locksmith Rekey Services!