Replacement Lock Installation Services


Maybe you've gone beyond the point where you could repair your lock, and now it's time to get a new one. The important thing, however, is to make sure you replace your lock in the safest way possible, especially if there is no other way to fix it.

This request often results from a stolen bag, a break-in (or a break-up) or from moving into new commercial or residential premises. Locks can be changed without the intervention of a locksmith - most locks are sold with fitting instructions. It is important to get the correct lock for the purpose. When replacing locks, the new lock should be identical to the old one. Otherwise a simple job can turn into a very time-consuming nightmare. The lock on the left is 2 inches longer. Both locks are otherwise identical, but can't replace each other. In short: If it needs to be done properly, a locksmith will normally win hands down.

Do you feel insecure about your family's safety? Is this because of that lock on your front door you haven't had the time to change? Then, it's time to get a new lock, or simply get your lock repaired. Still, the truth is your door and window locks need to be replaced more often than you imagine, and for different reasons, like having lost your keys, or just feeling like your home lacks security. And, what if your lock gets broken beyond repair, or if your lock is too old and rusty?

Maybe you've gone beyond the point where you could repair your lock, and now it's time to get a new one. The important thing, however, is to make sure you replace your lock in the safest way possible (if there is no other way to fix it). And, why do locks stop working?

The worst-case scenario for any family is when the locks on the front door have stopped working. But, there are many reasons for your locks to be damaged beyond the Point Of No Repair: they could be worn out, or maybe, they have been broken by a burglar or just by excessive force. So, if a lock doesn't function like it should, it might need to be repaired, or replaced. That's why you should first call us, and we can quickly assess the situation and determine the health of your locks.

Our Locksmiths, we can tell you if the situation can be fixed by simple repair of your lock, or if your lock should be fully replaced. We also know the best, cheapest and safest options available to replace them. So, is it time to change your locks?

If you need our advise on the best solution for this particular situation (or someone who can answer this question), we can get there within 30 minutes to assess the problem and tell you which locks are right for your home. If a broken lock can be fixed, we'll fix it. But we advise you by fixing a lock doesn't guarantee increased security. However, we'll inform you if it is necessary to replace the lock completely in situations where your lock doesn't contribute to your safety.

We will make sure that the work does as little damage to your property as possible when replacing the lock, and we'll make sure that the lock fits right, so you can be completely safe and secure. This not only means that the integrity of the door or window frame is kept intact and thus more secure but also means that we take steps to leave your the building looking as similar to when we arrived as possible.

We will make sure that we remove & replace your lock with the least amount of damage to your door or window. Call us today and we can answer all your questions about your lock, and advise you on whether it should de repaired, or replaced, or whether you need other security solutions for your home.

Services for Stolen Keys

If you fall victim to a stolen pocket book or purse, with the loss of your valuables, along with the loss your house and car keys, this can be a very traumatic experience. On top of all that, you have to worry about someone having a key to your house and vehicle. Rest assure, by contracting us, we can rekey, or replace your existing locks on your automobile!

Yes, we can restore a peace of mind by giving you a firm quote on replacing your old keys with a new one. By taking this approach, we assure you the original key won't work. Our service technicians can perform these locksmith services at your home or business, and usually takes several hours.

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