Residential Locksmith Services


If you have a Residential Locksmith Emergency we can have a locksmith out to quickly to solve your problem. To get a quote and arrange a locksmith visit direclty in your local area.

Emergency locksmiths offer a rapid response so you are not left out in the cold! If you are locked out of your property or have lost keys we can help. We use industry leading policies and procedures, along with our skilled and professional locksmiths demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and discretion to get you back into your home, business, and safes.

If you have a locksmith emergency we can have a locksmith out to quickly to solve your problem. To get a quote and arrange a locksmith visit direclty in your local area.

Emergency Locksmith Services:

 Locked out
 Lost keys
 Damaged or faulty locks
 Burglary repairs
 Lock repair/lock upgrades
 Safe openings

Our 24 hour Lockout Service - Emergency Lockout Service provides the most comprehensive security services for all house, car and business locksmith needs in your area. Our 24 hour Lockout services include house lockout & auto lockout service. We give you a firm quote on what you expect to pay before we come out to your residence or business.

Our staff of knowledgeable and courteous customer service professional will take your call, answer any inquiries and send a technician to your location at all hours of the day or night as required. Our technician will arrive in a timely manner in a fully stocked truck. They will assess the situation and provide you with a solution on the spot whether it requires a rekey, an installation or repair.

Call us today and we can answer all your questions about your lock, and advise you on whether it should de repaired, or replaced, or whether you need other security solutions for your home.

Residential Lock Repair Services

In residential spaces, locks are used every single day, several times a day. And, just like any item that incurs every day use, locks are subject to wear and tear that may lead to necessary repairs. In addition to being able to provide re keying and lock change services, Our locksmiths can also perform lock repair services for your residence.

If a lock in your home has been tampered with, or simply worn down over the years, it is our pleasure to help repair this lock to get it back to everyday functionality for your security. We can service virtually any type of lock necessary, so don't worry about our ability to repair the locks in your home. Our professionals are highly trained to work with a wide variety of locks and can offer skilled repair in a timely manner.

Because residences utilize different locks in different spaces, we recommend that you do not try to change locks on your own without the help of a locksmith; this helps ensure the security of your home. If you have an antique lock that you want to preserve during repair, we are able to provide you with careful attention to restore the lock to a working state. Feel free to contact us or stop by the store if you need a residential lock repair service, we are eager to assist you.

Residential Emergency Breakin Repairs

When it comes to the domestic security at your home there are a lot of common flaws in security that the general public are very unaware of, however locksmiths and criminals are fully aware of these security flaws and that is why it is so important to for anyone considering changing their locks, upgrading their security or just having a security survey to use a professionally qualified residential locksmith who deals with break in repairs and security upgrades on a daily basis.

Like any industry the security industry is just as fast moving and criminals are cleverly coming up with new ways to break into your home on a daily basis. Because of this what you may have learned 2 years ago, will no longer be relevant as new and more complex techniques are being employed by criminals daily.

Because we deal with criminals and break in repairs on a daily basis we are fully up to speed with what they are doing and the best ways to prevent them getting into your home. If you are looking for a security survey at your premises or if you have been broken into and you would like to have your locks changed, doors secured, window locks replaced or a new CCTV system installed, then Extreme Locks are always on call and we will respond fast 24 hours a day for all security related emergencies.

We also provide vehicle security services meaning we can replace lost car keys, delete old car keys when yours have been stolen so if someone has broken into your property for your car keys and you need a full home and vehicle security service we can provide this at short notice. Please confirm on the phone if you need both auto and domestic service at the same time. We are an extremely well established security firm and we will look after your security needs should your require so please pick up the phone and make the call that will give you peace of mind when sleeping at night.

Residential Door Knob Repairs

If you have problem locking your door and needs a door knob lock replacement we are one who can help you out of this situation. We can repair and replace variety of door knob locks. If repairing is possible we do it with simple adjustments or we fix a new door lock as per your requirement.

Door knobs provide an added level of security to your door. A solid steel bolt locks into place across the edge of the door and frame, creating another strong point of resistance to forced entry. Our selection below covers a wide variety of styles and applications from residential to commercial. We also sell Baldwin door knobs to provide long lasting appearance against all weather conditions

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