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Locksmith Scammers

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Locksmith Scammers are stigmatizing legitimate locksmith companies with a bad reputation.

We’re unfortunately seeing an increasing number of instances where websites and companies are being set up with names that are very similar, or in some instances are exactly the same, as long standing locksmith companies. This seems to be particularly prevalent where the company’s name refers to a geographical location, so where a town is used before the term locksmiths for example.

A particular local company I used to work for had this problem for years. They tried to fight it in court without any success, and they had to re-brand their name using the words "The Original" followed by their company name.

Companies try to fool customers

Other instances where companies are trying to fool customers into thinking they’re somebody they’re not is when they’re advertising using the address of a legitimate company. They tend to use generic locksmith type names such as The Lock Shop and then an address a legitimate locksmith trades out of.

Fake Call Centers

LOCKSMITH SCAMMERS: The problem is endemic. Just the other day I checked online and there was yet another rogue locksmith company was ripping customers off and using a another companies address, with another company in Atlanta trading under the name 'The Lock Shop'. When I called the number provided I was put through to a call centre in India - who were evasive when I asked them for specific details of where the company was actually based.

How do you know your being scammed?

The first the company being scammed knows is a phone call, or somebody coming into their shop asking them about a job they haven’t done (a lot of the time with the customer wanting to complain about how bad a job had been done).

So not only has the customer been duped but the legitimate company have too. The customer may think they’re using a bonafide, well established, local vetted, inspected and qualified locksmith where as they actually have no idea who they’ve used, due to misleading advertising or naming of companies.

Another big problem with these "So called Locksmiths", they are ripping off all their customers with unclaimed prices that go through the roof. They quote a low price for services on the phone, then once they complete the work, they charge up to 3 to times the original price quoted.

Important tips to know before you call a locksmith:

  • Ask for identification when a person claiming to be from a locksmith company arrives at your door
  • Ask for an estimate before the locksmith provides any kind of services as scammers will over charge once the task is completed
  • Do not hire services from companies who do not respond with their specific company name, instead referring to themselves as locksmith services or another kind of description
  • Do not use the services of locksmith companies who arrive in unmarked vehicles that do not contain the name of the company
  • Be sure to ask about any extra charges to service that may arise as a result of travel time, mileage etc.
  • Remember drilling and other methods of replacing the locks are not necessary as professional locksmiths are proficient at lock bumping and other methods to unlock the door without any extra charges.
  • To prevent locksmith fraud, take the number of your local locksmith and save it, so you don't have to rely on the first available option in an emergency situation

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