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Double Cylinder Deadbolt

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Deadbolts in general provide more protection against forced entry than a handle lockset. Double cylinder deadbolts were designed to be used when glass windows are present.

Now your home or business security is only good as the entry points that lead inside your home or business. You can install High-Security locks to all your doors, but if you have hollow-core doors or damaged door frames the expensive locks won't add much more protection.

Glass windows look great, especially on a front door, however when you add glass windows to doors, or even alongside the door frame, it downgrades the integrity and strength of the door/frame. Let's face it, metal and wood materials provide more protection than glass.

Now to answer the question above, all a double cylinder deadbolt provides is a means to slow down the burglar if they are trying to enter through a door with that type of deadbolt installed. If they break out the glass in the door, or the glass window adjacent to the door, they won't be able to flip the bolt back on the deadbolt like you could on a single cylinder deadbolt with a thumb turn.

In closing, if you want more protection against forced entry into your home or business, install solid-core doors, re-enforce your door frames, add double pane windows throughout, install grade-2 single cylinder deadbolts, and get an alarm system install with glass-break sensors. Finally, install metal security doors if practical.

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