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Long before I started my locksmith career, I was locked out house in the mid 1980's and I had to call (5) different locksmith companies until someone finally picked up the phone. I also called the local County Business Center in (Shalimar, Florida) to provide me with a report concerning the local locksmith market.

In their conclusion, spread over a 150 page in-depth report was riveting to read. Now In terms of locksmithing industry, Locksmith firms were generally small and remote, protective about their trade, generally unavailable when you need them the most.

The researchers collected countless testimonies from frustrated customers who couldn't get the help and quality service they needed. Clearly, things could only get better for the deprived Locksmith customer, and so my locksmith company was born. I took my training, my skills, and my customer service experience to Atlanta, Georgia.

I started my company in 1997, and our main Corporate Office is based in Woodstock, GA. I assembled a staff of knowledgeable and courteous customer service professionals that will take your call, address your concerns and provide service to your home or business.

We are here when you Need Us!

How many times have you had to call a locksmith? We all misplace things, lose things and sometimes things even get stolen, and keys are no different! We always seem to misplace our keys at the most inopportune times. Thank goodness we are here for you! They can provide emergency lockout service for you at home, work or your vehicle.

Wherever the job may be within Atlanta, and in the Atlanta Metro area. One of our locksmiths can usually attend within 30 to 60 minutes or less. All locksmiths work locally thus avoiding long and expensive travel to the job sites. This formula has allowed us to react quickly and fuss-free to local needs, and has made us the ideal counterpart to satisfy the requirements of residential and commercial customers.

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