Beware of Locksmith Scammers!

LOCKSMITH SCAMMERS: The problem is endemic. Just the other day I checked online and there was yet another rogue locksmith company was ripping customers off and using a another companies address, with another company in Atlanta trading under the name 'The Lock Shop'. When I called the number provided I was put through to a call centre in India - who were evasive when I asked them for specific details of where the company was actually based.

Bought a new house - Should I rekey the locks?

I get asked this all the time; should I rekey my locks when I purchase a new home? I explain the security issues associated with not rekeying your locks after a new home purchase. Many realtors will leave keys out under doormats for perspective to view after hours. Or the existing homeowner might have keys scattered between family and friends.

Finding a good Locksmith

Long before I started my locksmith career, I was locked out house in the mid 1980's and I had to call (5) different locksmith companies until someone finally picked up the phone. I also called the local County Business Center in (Shalimar, Florida) to provide me with a report concerning the local locksmith market.

My Thoughts on Electronic Keyless Locks

As you all know we are living in a High-Tech world and the human mind is always seeking out the latest gadgets to make life more convenient for us. This thought process applies to electronic push-button locks as well.

Yes it's nice to approach your door and swipe the touch pad and enter a code to get in, or push on some decorative buttons and hear the sound of the lock doing its thing to unlock the door for you. Or even unlock your door remotely through your cell phone via the internet.

What is a Full-Service Locksmith?

What is a Full-Service Locksmith, and what sets them apart from the others?

I get asked that question a lot, and in a joking manner I always start off by stating we do more than just unlock cars. Factually, there are companies out there that focus on just unlocking cars, and even making original keys for cars. Other companies may specialize in safe openings, access control, or even door installation services.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt provide more Security?

Deadbolts in general provide more protection against forced entry then a handle lock. Double cylinder deadbolts were designed to be used when glass windows are present.

Now your home or business security is only good as the entry points that lead inside your home or business. You can High-Security locks to all your doors, but if you have hollow-core doors or damaged door frames the expensive locks won't add much more protection.

What is a Home Security Survey?

Basically a security survey is a checklist that walks you through your entire house and inspect all the entry points leading into your house, and that includes doors, windows, garage doors, crawl space areas, as well as any damage to the structure of the house that would make it easy for a thief to enter the house.

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