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As you all know we are living in a High-Tech world and the human mind is always seeking out the latest gadgets to make life more convenient for us. This thought process applies to electronic push-button locks as well.

Yes it's nice to approach your door and swipe the touch pad and enter a code to get in, or push on some decorative buttons and hear the sound of the lock doing its thing to unlock the door for you. Or even unlock your door remotely through your cell phone via the internet.

The downside is, your batteries go dead at the most inconvenient time and you're stuck, and then you have to make sure you carried a backup key to entry through another door. Most electronic locks have a key bypass, but sometimes we get so used to our keyless lock we might not put that backup on our key chain. Sometimes you might even forget what the code is and that can be embarrassing when you're standing out in the rain and wishing you had a key.

You have to look at the security aspects of a digital electronic lock as well. I heard it's possible for criminals to intercept the transmission from your phone and decrypt the code. It's similar to remote garage door openers, and they use devices to capture the radio waves to grab your code to get in when you are not home.

Electronic lock calibration and encryption technology has gotten more sophisticated these days, but there still is a chance for thieves to get around this technology. Honestly I don't know all the facts but if you purchase one of these locks, read all the printed material enclosed to get a better understanding of keyless locks.

I personally have an electronic deadbolt I installed on one of my interior doors inside the house and I have to admit it's pretty cool to swipe your fingers over the face of the lock and have it light up before your eyes and unlock itself. Did you notice I said "Interior" door? Well I installed it on the inside garage door that leads into the house and not on an exterior door that's outside the house.

I'm going to wait awhile before I install one of these electronic locks on an exterior door when the technology improves, as I don't want to compromise security for convenience.

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