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What is a Full-Service Locksmith, and what sets them apart from the others?

I get asked that question a lot, and in a joking manner I always start off by stating we do more than just unlock cars. Factually, there are companies out there that focus on just unlocking cars, and even making original keys for cars. Other companies may specialize in safe openings, access control, or even door installation services.

Now a Full-Service locksmith company does it all, and they have the resources in place to contract out services that require specialized tools, and knowledge. Our company rekeys locks, installs standalone access control locks, door closures, exit devices, safe servicing and emergency service. Yes, and we even unlock cars.

I have long-standing customers that I been dealing with for years come up to me and ask me if I sell this product, or install that product. So I learned it's important to let your customers know what your complete skill-set is, and of course it's good to take continuing education on the latest technologies.

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