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Bought a new Home - Rekey the Locks

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How safe is your home? Hopefully it is very safe. If you're not sure, please download our Free Home Security Survey checklist. Please download here:

Basically the surveys walks you through your entire house and inspect all the entry points leading into your house, and that includes doors, windows, garage doors, crawl space areas, as well as any damage to the structure of the house that would make it easy for a thief to enter the house.

Once you determine the vulnerabilities, we can then recommend the door, and or window replace to something more secure, or simply adding an additional lock to a door. Also recommend having an alarm system that is monitored 24/7, and get involved in a community watch program. Please view our Crime Prevention section of our website:

It's always best to schedule an appointment online with us to have one of our representatives come out to your home or place of business and do the security survey on site. Click here and file out the Survey Request form,and we will be happy to meet with you, and do the survey for you.

A sensible residential security plan is essential in deterring unwanted and potentially dangerous visitors. Our Free Home Security Survey Checklist emphasizes on existing security measures and provides cost-effective recommendations to remedy any security short-falls that may exist.

If a risk is identified, we can quickly rectify the problem by installing the appropriate security lock hardware. Also, we can recommend a reputable alarm installation company to install a quality alarm system with monitoring options.

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